Oregon House Democrats ignore real emergencies and continue to fail Oregonians

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon House Republican Leader Vikki Breese-Iverson issued the following statement after the Democrat majority squandered the opportunity to address emergencies facing Oregonians.

“Inflation, violent crime, drug use and homelessness are all rapidly rising in Oregon and today was a missed opportunity by Democratic leadership to address true emergencies and provide solutions to these critical issues,” said House Republican Leader Vikki Breese-Iverson. “We should be focusing on preserving critical access to healthcare, providing more school resource officers within our educational system, and more funding for police departments.”

“On top of this, regions of Oregon are experiencing record droughts, spanning multiple years. Our farmers and ranchers are still waiting for assistance that was set up in 2021 but has not made it out of state agencies. Where is the accountability for these agencies? This is a continued pattern of failed Democrat leadership where real emergencies are ignored in favor of bloated bureaucracy.”

“Oregonians deserve better.”

The Emergency Board met and approved 69 grant applications, agency reports, and funding requests for a total amount of $257,194,043.

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